Collaboration on ITN

A delegator contacted me with the willingness to delegate to my "small" pool (not having support stake to produce blocks). So he did. He had sufficient stake to let my pool create blocks a couple of times per week. I informed him about the assigned blocks and the blocks produced. In this collaboration he also informed me about his wish to learn more about the technical aspects of running a stake pool. This resulted in me arranging a hosted dedicated server for him and setting up a stake pool for him. I am now supporting him by teaching him the technical aspects and he is supporting me with his insights and with supporting my pool by delegating. What happened here is that a Cardano stakeholder and a Cardano technician (stake pool operator) started a collaboration to support each other. I believe this could be a good approach for other Cardano stakeholders and Cardano technicians (stake pool operators not having enough stake to produce blocks) to learn from each other and to support decentralisation.

A suggestion to delegators with sufficient tAda is to select a small pool and approach the pool operator to see if you can help each other. The delegator supporting the pool operator by delegating to his/her pool so that the pool can start producing blocks and the pool operator supporting the delegator on a technical level related to Cardano. Of course the delegator will also receive quite high rewards for each block produced. We can already speak of decentralisation in ITN, however, there is still room for improvement. By the realisation of collaboration between delegators and stake pool operators as described above, we can bring the decentralisation in ITN a step further.

Stake pool holder support

Quite some supporters of the Cardano blockchain and project have invested a lot of time learning about Cardano, setting up stake-pools and testing (Shelley) to support Cardano and to prepare for Mainnet. A number of these supporters have their pools up and running in Shelley Incentivized Testnet, however their pools do not have sufficient stake to be selected as a leader, meaning that these pools will not be able to produce blocks. For these pool-owners (operators) it therefore is impossible to further investigate the stability and performance of their technical pool configurations and with that they are stuck in regard to learning more and finding (and reporting) issues related to the Cardano blockchain technology. 

This Support article is a request to the Cardano stakeholders (and Cardano Foundation) participating in Shelley Incentivized Testnet having a lot of stake to start delegating to the mentioned pools for a couple of epoch to give the pools a kick-start. Your support is much appreciated.

The Cardano Stake Pool Bootstrap Initiative is running. Please click here and delegate to the featured pool.