Hourly backups, and multiple nodes running to limit outage time in case of disaster


High bandwidth (1Gbit/s up and down) and low latency for optimal communication in Cardano network


Automated responsive monitoring to guarantee stake pool remains in sync with blockchain 

Pool information

Smit Stakepools Online has a stakepool running in Haskell Shelley Testnet with ticker name BKIND. This in preparation for Mainnet. Besides running a stakepool in Haskell Shelley Testnet and later on in Mainnet, Smit Stakepools Online is supporting the Cardano community: current stakepool owners/operators and ada stakeholders, and future stakepool owners/operators and ada stakeholders. This by sharing knowledge, experiences and information related to the Cardano blockchain and project. Next to that and last but not least, Smit Stakepools Online promotes great contributors to the Cardano blockchain and project. See Community.

To guarantee the pool of Smit Stakepools Online runs stable and remain in sync, we decided to run the pool and the relays on local dedicated servers connecting to the network using firewalled fiber connections.